Sailing the Caribbean Seas, Island Hopping in the West Indies - Highway to a Husband Search Going International!

By Julia & Silva
July 30, 2012

At the risk of sounding cliche, when one door closes another, in fact several others
always open. Especially when the door on a relationship closes. I won't lie, my
heart was pretty banged-up after the Bama-Breakup, but life evolves, grows, and
we move on. For many singles who close a relationship door, they lick their wounds and in short order return to the same swimming hole they caught their last fish. Not my style!

Silva and I can't possibly be normal because not only do we heal fairly quickly, take stock and move forward, but we do it in a BIG way- casting the net even farther and wider. In this case...Highway to a Husband is going Caribbean!!  A cruise! And not just any cruise, but a journey through the Grenadine Islands on an old-fashioned sail ship (think pirates) When i suggested we board The Mandalay, a legendary tall-ship of The Windjammer Sailing Adventure family, things instantly started getting interesting! Can I just say from the moment this trip started... in fact before even leaving South Florida the Highway to a Husband adventures began unfolding.... Silva?

Julia sprung this on me as she usually does with almost everything we do. I was
thinking she's lost her mind -- she can't swim well and I can't possibly let my friend go on a boat -- let alone a sail boat by herself. I also remembered hearing another friend's voice in my head who keeps telling me "men want a woman who is
interesting and adventurous."
With that replaying in my head I threw together a
duffel-bag of dresses, flip flops & bikinis. Little did I know getting to the
plane departing for Grenada where The Mandalay is anchored was going to be an
adventure in itself!!

Silva would have been shocked because for once I packed early. Seriously how hard is it to put snorkel gear, bathing suits and shorts in a bag? A dear friend picked me up on time to shuttle me to Miami International Airport. With a 3:45 PM American Airlines flight, I arrived early, printed out my boarding pass, checked my bag and settled in, letting  my mind wander at the possibilities that might unfold.
The Windjammer is known for vacationers having FUN! Seems about time I refocus some of my energies on doing just that - living and having FUN! I was anxious for Silva's arrival so we could hatch a plan! I should have known it wouldn't be that simple...Silva where are you???
A friend promised to take me to the airport but double booked himself so I had
to take a cab. No problem except I had to make two stops before getting to the
airport. The cab driver was gracious but slow. At curbside check-in I was informed that I had missed the hour cut-off to check in my bag.
"Here's your paperwork. You'll make it to the plane but you'll have to carry on
your bag," said the man in the American American uniform.
No problem, I'm thinking, except I packed my Swiss Army knife I bought from the
Swiss Alps during a 1997 trip. Why? Think "Castaway!" I'll be on a Windjammer
sail boat where everyone will be barefoot, fishing and taking adventure trips on
different islands. What if something happens? If it does I'll have an army
knife. I can fish, gut it with my knife, and do all kinds of Swiss army knife
kinds of things!!!

I suddenly realized I can't take my Swiss Army knife through security! Can you
imagine the headline? "TSA arrests CBS reporter for trying to bring a Swiss Army
Knife on board!!!" Yeah! I'm not trying to be the news! That's when I spotted a
electronic store, approached the clerk and told him the predicament I faced! He
offered to hold on to my knife until I returned! At the security gate 35 minutes
before my plane is to depart I realize that the man in the American Airline
uniform never checked me in and I have no boarding pass to this international
flight! Will I ever make it?

Where the hell is she?? At 3:10 we start boarding the plane and I'm now
convinced I will be sailing solo! No Silva. No response to my text or calls. The
crew will close the doors at 3:35. I would hate to fly off on an adventure of a
lifetime, (ANOTHER ONE) without my BFF. no point did I even
remotely consider de-boarding to search out my pal. Sorry Silva...the Caribbean
waits for no one- especially a single gal in search of a new round of
possibilities... bon voyage!

Julia called a dozen times and sent a dozen more text messages but I couldn't
answer I was busy. I first cut in front of the line of about 20 passengers then interrupted the American Airline supervisor. Only 20 minutes before departure I  
convinced her to print me a boarding pass. "You'll never make it in time through
security" she said!!
'The heck I won't! There's a sail boat waiting for me I will make it,' I thought
to myself as I cut the line in front of about 100 passengers waiting to go
through security and in front of a family of five struggling with the
stroller. It took seconds  -  probably the fastest ever security clearance for this
Iranian born traveler. But then I realized the gate was clear on the other side
of the terminal. With a duffel bag, a back pack and wearing flip flops I was running
through the terminal. 3:30 and I was standing in front of the gate agent
hyper-ventilating displaying a little more than I wanted through my white t-shirt
that was now drenched from my unexpected exercise."
"You are really late!" he said as he assigned me a seat and told me I could
board immediately. Not sure if he felt sorry for me or if he simply enjoyed unplanned
wet t-shirt moment!

What would life be without a little drama and unexpected moments, right? JY-
ready for departure in seat 10-C resigning myself to the fact this journey will be
all about making new friends because clearly MY friend is NOT going to make it.
At the last moment...the final passengers squeezing down the aisles shoving
bags in the overhead bins... I spotted Silva- looking a little worse for wear. I
knew there was a story... A classic Silva-only story I would hear once we landed
Our adventure was now in motion.

Thank God -- no drama on board the plane (thank you American Airlines) and an
on-time landing to the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada! It truly is a tropical paradise of palm trees, white sandy beaches, brilliant blue ocean waters stretching as far as the eye can see. Yes... This would be a great way to start the next chapter of life.

After checking into our hotel, we joined our fellow ship mates for dinner, a 'start our adventure Margarita' and began taking stock of the folks who we would call 'family' for the week ahead. The first round of glances between us spoke loud and clear: the passengers must have been wondering who and what these two crazy women will be doing on a sail boat?

Stay on board-the adventure begins!


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