Hot, Steamy, Single Girls in the Shower on a Sail Boat

By: Julia Yarbough & Silva Harapetian
August 14, 2012

Something about being in the Caribbean helps one to loosen inhibitions; the hot weather, warm blue waters, sandy white beaches, tasty rum drinks and dancing to late night island music on the top deck of an historic and legendary tall-ship. One can't help but be overcome with the ambiance of free-flowing sensuality and a dash of danger and intrigue.
It is blowing my mind that Silva and I are sailing on Windjammer Sailing Adventure’s Mandalay, traipsing around The Caribbean islands in the West Indies. It's equally baffling that we are doing it alone – this is an amazing romantic experience and Silva and I are without dates  - again! Granted, I have been giving myself plenty of recovery time from the last relationship implosion, but really? How could this be? People tell us we are smoking hot ladies -- (quite honestly I usually don’t think of myself or my best friend as 'smoking hot' but after sharing a tiny ship cabin my observations and opinions of the sparks the two of set off when we're together...well, let's just say we know how to heat things up.)

Even so, we are still trying to figure out how we could have so little luck in the man department? Sigh! I mean we're well educated, fun, attractive, pleasant, well-traveled and courteous. We both know how to cook and relate well to others (now we sound like pets) and we both know how to really heat things up in a bedroom- or in this case -- the cabin. Silva, even more so than I. So much in fact, her antics had half the crew jumping into action, pulling out hoses and pulling us half-naked from our room!!!  And all this- at 9:15 in the morning!!!

It started out innocently like most of these kinds of scenarios do. We decided to join fellow passengers for a day on the island of sightseeing and snorkeling. Perfect! Captain Sly gave the schedule: transport dingy would depart every hour on the hour.
I finished my quick but refreshing hot shower and opened bathroom the door to let the steam escape. It's not like I was shy stepping back into the cabin wrapped in only my towel... It's not like I haven't changed in front of Silva before! Silva brushed past me to have her turn in the shower.
I slipped into my bathing suit and beach wrap, slathered on some sunscreen and was ready to roll. There was a knock at the door -- one of the passengers informing me that the dingy would be leaving in 5 minutes. We would have to get on this one or wait another hour. I opened the bathroom door stuck my head into the steam and informed Silva that we would have to get a move on.

“I’ve got shampoo in my hair.” She said sarcastically as if I should have known better than to expect her to be out in less than 5 minutes. 
And that's when it happened...when our friendship was put to the test and the limits to what we would do for each other went to a new, unexpected and slightly frightening height. Suddenly bells, alarms and whistles were going off. My ears began ringing in time to the vibrations of the noise in my head! This was a moment of truth- what should I do?? A 15 year friendship was at stake. Leave the room or turn back to my dear friend Silva. I knew what my instincts and heart was telling me to do.

I knew what I had to do. Just as I stuck my head into the steam-filled bathroom to tell Silva... I heard banging on the door. It was a crew member.

"You have to come to the top deck- NOW! Fire Alarm- Fire Alarm!!!” the crew-member urgently told me. 
With a twinge of fear coursing through me, I grabbed one of the bright orange life-vests from the foot of the bed. But what about Silva I thought? 

Silva’s Take
Julia was getting ready for the beach when I stepped into the shower. I couldn’t have been in there for more than 5 minutes and I could hear all kinds of commotion in the cabin. She stuck her head in and said the dingy was leaving in 5 minutes – really? I have shampoo in my hair – I still have to get out – put a swim suit on – we will never make it. I told her – if she wanted to go without me – to go ahead. Minutes later, she stuck her head into the bathroom again.

“Get out – get out – get out,” she yelled. I was thinking – it’s just snorkeling – we’ll be fine – we’ll take the next dingy.

“Fire alarm!!” I could hear the sheer panic in her voice.

“Julia I’m naked!” Seriously?? The one time I decided to take the swim suit off while showering the fire alarm has to go off?? You can laugh at me all you want but I was a girl scout and a serious one. Always be prepared was the motto. On the boat, at sea, I always showered with my swim suit on in case I would have to run out of the shower to save myself. Always!  Except this one time -- when I do need to run out of the shower to save myself!!! UGH!

Julia yelled again, "We have to go now!" I’ll grab your life vest and let's go!"

Julia’s Take
Silva was still not out. With visions of this wood ship being tossed upside down and me drowning in the ocean-depths still fresh in my mind from the night before, the image of me going up in flames while at sea was just as vivid. Seriously - I like adventure but I'm not ready to perish!
Friend or no... wet and naked Silva would have to fend for herself. I grabbed the life vest, yelled to her again, HURRY...we gotta go!" and dashed up the stairs.

Silva’s Take
Julia was gone when I stepped out dripping wet with a little towel around me. Panicked I was looking for something to throw on but there was banging on the door. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” I yelled.

They yelled back, “we’re coming in.”

“No, I’m naked!” I yelled back.

They barged in anyway. Hiding behind the door in the corner with a little towel around me terrified at the prospect of dying in a fire and/or dying from the embarrassment of being seen semi-exposed – I froze. In walks Captain Sly, followed by half a dozen other guys with their fire-fighting gear on talking amongst themselves and on walkie-talkies. What in the world was happening? And, why did I have to hop in the shower without my swim suit this one time??

"False alarm, everyone," the Captain yelled out. Everything is fine- false alarm,” said Captain Sly.

As it turns out Julia and I set off the alarm accidentally. The steamy-showers we took overwhelmed the smoke detector in our cabin and set off the fire alarm. All this explained to me by Captain Sly as dozens of crew members and passengers in the hallway looked on. Ok, people…I’m still in a towel…getting the heck out of my cabin.

Julia’s Take
I’m standing at the upper deck of the ship and there is still no sign of Silva! Once I heard “false alarm” I trotted down to the cabin. I suddenly realized I had abandoned my dear friend. Yellow emergency tape blocked the door to our cabin and an emergency fire hose snaked down the hall; the nozzle placed firmly against the door.
Oops! I dashed into the room. Silva, now dry and dressed gave me that look – the one where she lifts the arch of her left eye-brow. If you know Silva you know to stay out of her way when you get that look.

After everything calmed down and we exchanged stories and we both got a good laugh. And our fellow passengers? Let's just say the Highway to a Husband girls now have a Windjammer reputation of being hot and starting fires!

Oh.... Did you think I was talking about something else with the whole best-friends-naked-in-the-shower-all-hot-and-steamy-sliding-into-bathing-suits-thing??

HA HA HA HA! Funny, eh?



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  • 8/14/2012 7:18 PM Sarah L Callahan wrote:
    You had Bob entertained!!! Hilarious!
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  • 8/14/2012 7:50 PM Meg wrote:
    OMG-I never did hear the source of the "fire" and didn't realize that Silva hadn't made it to deck! Glad she didn't burn up
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  • 8/14/2012 8:47 PM Meg wrote:
    Oh, how I remember that adventure you two had - and yes, your reputation has been set *ROTFLOL*
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  • 8/17/2012 11:59 AM Barb wrote:
    Ladies, I know you're having a blast, but on a vessel with limited hot water, you should be a little more considerate and limit shower time and temp. Just a nudge and a heads-up. Most people don't realize that, so don't feel bad! Love your blog!! You tell a great story.
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    1. 8/17/2012 4:35 PM Julia wrote:
      THANKS for the reminder! I know, I know... sea showers!! lol.  We're "virgins" to the sailing life... but we learn quick!

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  • 8/17/2012 5:07 PM Rowena wrote:
    Poor Silva. She just wanted a shower and was left with all the drama. I wonder if any men asked her out after seeing her hotness in a towel only. LOL
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  • 8/28/2012 12:30 PM Rick wrote:
    Fantastic story. I'm a 36 yr old physically fit man who is going to use this story as "ammo" during my next self-seducing session. Thanks ladies ;0
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    1. 9/1/2012 4:33 PM Julia wrote:
      Thanks and glad we can be of help
      We (aim to please) with our storytelling - hope it all comes out great for you!

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